May 25, 2008

Bah blah

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It’s getting hot, which means that crochet doesn’t always sound appealing, especially with heavier yarns. But, I had to start this hat. I messed up the cables, but I didn’t feel like starting over again, so I’ll finish with my messed up cables and start a new one and do them right. Because I can.


Oh, and I did finish the footbags, but I didn’t get pictures before we packaged them up and sent them to school. Of course, J ended up coming home early on his last day of school, so he didn’t even get to pass them out (I did), but fun times just the same.


May 19, 2008

Getting there

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Three more to go.

Body coming soon.

May 15, 2008

Three Down

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nine to go.


May 14, 2008


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Sitting here last night, looking at the calendar I realized that there is one week of school left. One. The kiddo gets out next Wednesday at noon and that’s it.

No, no, it’s not the end of the world, but I had intended on making all of his classmates hacky sacks before the end of the year and I haven’t.even.started. I’ve got lots of yarn, but haven’t.even.started. Drama! So I got online, ordered some poly pellets and I will be spending the rest of the week crocheting little balls.

Oh, and did I mention teacher gifts? They’re supposed to be apple cozies, but I have never once checked my gauge, so they turned out small. And they aren’t the right colors. I’m on a ROLL people!


May 13, 2008

Recent projects

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Hippo my boys gave to my mom for Mother’s Day.

The (finally finished) Starghan for my parents.

“Bunting” and hat set.

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